It is distinguished by the filtering block contained inside a tank that has an internal coating made of protective elastomer (ebonite) and by the unit pump whose components are made of polypropylene, PVC and 316L stainless steel plates and rods, excluding moulded components. That means robustness and durability.

The TE Series includes models with effective capacity from 5.000 l / h to 30.000 l / h and capacity from 10.000 l / h to 50.000 l / h.

This series includes the TE5, TE10, TE15, TE25, TE30 models.

The unit pump performance

representative, for each model, of the relationship between the capacity (l/min) and the pressure exercised by the unit pump (height expressed in metre) - the reference fluid is water

The unit pump technical sheet

containing data for each model (electrical motor, constructions materials…)

The technical report

containing data for each series, in order to guide the choice of the most suitable model according to the type of bath to be filtered. Useful information, about the permitted uses and not, are available