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OMG DI GIBOGINI is a Certified Brands and acts according to System IT01-100% Original Italian Quality - Certification number "IT01.IT/2591.102.V


With more than forty-year-long experience in the metal-mechanical field, we offer precision machining able to satisfy the requests of clients belonging to the most diverse production sectors

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CESE Series, CESEM Series, TE Series, C24 resin filter


Permitted uses and not, constructions materials, technical data sheets


Quality management system certified, machine tools and other equipment

OMG series CESE filter pumps

It is distinguished by the filtering group contained into a transparent Plexiglass cylinder and by the unit pump, whose components are made of polypropylene, PVC and 316L stainless steel plates and rods, excluding moulded components. That means robustness and durability..

The series CESE includes models with effective capacity from 2.000 l / h to 5.000 l / h and capacity from 4.700 l / h to 9.200 l / h.

This series includes the CESE2, CESE3 and CESE5 models.

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