A project of penetration in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

26 June 2024

KAZAKHSTAN AND UZBEKISTAN: thanks to the mandate entrusted to the company IKE-B2B, we are developing a project of penetration in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan (https://www.ike-b2b.com/)

Our Partner based in Italy and Kazakhstan (Almaty) is specializes in the export of Made in Italy and offers to the Italian companies, interested in internationalizing, a platform of business services called "Strategy Italy 2050"  that are a practical and operational solutions aimed at activating the sale of their products or services in foreign markets.

In Kazakhstan and in the Euro-Asian market IKE-B2B actively collaborates with public and private institutions and economic operators  with the aim of bringing together Italian companies interested in activating a strategic alliance aimed at the sale of products, services and the exchange of projects in various sectors.

SEC Aktobe, government company of the Aktobe region in Kazakhstan, has appointed IKE-B2B Ambassador in Italy for the promotion of commercial projects and industrial development of the region. The Aktobe region, as large  as Italy, is among the most extensive  in Kazakhstan and has achieved significant GDP growth comparable to EU Countries.

In Kazakhstan IKE-B2B is delegated by Federitaly (www.federitalyweb.it),  the Italian Federation that supports the Made in Italy in the world,  protecting and enhancing the Italian companies of manufacturing, agriculture, food and wine and technological innovation