OMG FILTER PUMPS CESE5 for acid Cu and trivalent chromium New galvanic plant Rubinetterie Stella

08 June 2021

Details about special PP unit valves for suction and discharge, designed by OMG on customer request for nr. 2 filter pumps model CESE5:

  • CESE 5 FILTER PUMP for acid Cu bath - dimensions 755 lt
  • CESE 5 FILTER PUMP for Cr+++ bath  - dimensions 550 lt 

In case of a trivalent chromium bath it is possibile to connect to the pump the resin filter C24 which works in series with the same machine, connected throught special valves, to be used to recover heavy metals. The recovering takes place through the resin (easy and fast to replace), contained in the filtering unit.
Because of the restrictions on the use of hexavalent chromium, due to its carcinogenic properties, the Cr +++ bath has been gradually replacing it.

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