Filter pump model TE15 for trivalent Chromium bath

06 Luglio 2022

Filter Pump TE15 sold to our reseller TF CHEMICAL for a Company - end user located in the Brescia area.

The filter pump, equipped with PP valves, candles and rings made of Titanium, will be added in a trivalent Chromium bath


Effective capacity (l/h):
Capacity (l/h):
Filtering surface(m2):
ca. 6,5
Filtering degree:
< 1 µ
Electric power (kW):
2,2 (=3 hp)
Kg of carbon:
3,5 - 4


TF Chemical is a company located in Borgomanero, in the province of Novara, engaged for over 35 years in the field of electroplating.

The company markets specific products for the galvanic industry, offering cutting-edge solutions for the surface treatment of metals.


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