OMG unit pumps maintenance

11 Maggio 2022

The periodic maintenance of the unit pumps is critically important in order to guarantee the proper functioning and the high filtration standards of the OMG filter pumps.

Regular mantenance intervention, together with the customer's choice to provide a spare unit pump, avoids damages and the related costs of plant downtime.

It is recommended that maintenance interventions are carried out at our headquarter, by using specialized personnel and original spare parts, produced in our workshop.

For specific customer needs, the technical intervention can be carry out at the customer's headquarter.




  • Organization of round-trip transport by our own lorry or by express carrier;
  • Technical consultancy by phone;
  • Use of original OMG spare parts;
  • Testing in our test room;
  • One year repair warranty;
  • Quick intervention according to the client's need in order to avoid prolonged machine downtime.