Our Philosophy: a Family Company

OMG di Gibogini was created in 1972 as a precision machine shop.

In 1980 it takes the “know-how” of the SEGALE company and places side by side the sector of mechanical processes with the new sector dedicated to the filter-pump production.

Till now, these two sectors coexist and develop with unexpected and profitable synergisms.

The experience reached in the mechanical sector has allowed the achievement of high qualitative standard of OMG filter pumps, which components are produced by turning and milling polypropylene, PVC and 316L stainless steel plates and rods. Moulded components are excluded.


OMG values

  • Respect and care of Environment, OMG Workers and Workers of Customers;
  • Safety and well-being in the workplace;
  • Safety and quality of OMG products to guarantee the care and satisfaction of customers;
  • Robustness and durability: “in house” production;
  • Enhancement of the individual potentiality of the company staff: dynamic participation in the production process and skills development through continuous updating;
  • Work-family balance.