Ten years ago Bureau  Veritas certified that  our Management System organisation  had been audited and found to be in accordance with the requirements of the managemnet system standards  ISO 9001 in relation to the following scope:

Design, production and assistance of filter pumps for galvanic and chemical processes. Sale of filter pump parts. Precision machining.

The above requirements  have been applied to all company processes, both internal and in outsourcing (heat and surface treatments, painting, carpentry)

During   2019 our company has reflected on the achieved objectives, on the incurred costs, on the positive effects that the ISO9001 Certification has brought to our company.

Certainly,  the achievement of the Certification and its maintaining  from 2009 to 2019 have guaranteed a continuous improvement both in the production processes and in the organizational and management ones. For that reason  we can only be grateful to the ISO9001 Standards and to the external consultants who have joined us in this experience.

On the other hand, during this period  we have become aware that the ISO9001  certification  has often not been perceived by our customers as a decisive factor in increasing the value of our  products and services.

Therefore, without prejudice to the need to continue in the improvement process and to keep our   Management System organisation under control, our company  will not submit to the necessary audits in order to maintain the Certification in the next year 2020.

The activated procedures thanks to the ISO9001 standards remain in place and will continue to be used in order  to guarantee the quality of the products and services that OMG offers to its customers.