In November 2009, after two years dedicated to the reorganization of the Company under the leadership of Ing. Marco Dulio, OMG obtained the Certificate of Conformity by BUREAU VERITAS, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 in relation to the following purposes:

  • Design, production and assistance filter pumps for galvanic and chemical processes
  • Precision machining

The requirements of the rules are applying to all business processes, both internal and outsourced (heat and surface treatment, painting, carpentry).

Machine tools and other equipment

Machine tools are subjected to a planned maintenance.

All monitoring and measurement equipment are kept under control, in order to ensure their efficiency. According to a define periodicity, the tools are calibrated by OMG or by external laboratories or by SIT accredited calibration centers.


Human resources management

The highly qualified staff is regularly involved in activities of training, according to the specific tasks and attitudes of each of them.

New employees receive specific training with the mentoring of the workshop supervisor or other qualified person, in order to learn how to use independently machinery, equipment and measuring instruments.


Regarding the supply of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, the Company, cooperates mainly with 'historical' suppliers, selected and highly qualified. High qualitative standards in the products/services offered, in terms of delivery and in technical documentation, are required.

Every suppliers order is always sent with attached drawings or technical specifications useful to clearly and precisely declare the type of work to be done; some supplies are random checked.

In order to guarantee the quality of the final product, OMG usually selects directly raw materials to be worked in outsourcing.

All the materials are always accompanied by the appropriate certified source material or by the Declaration of Conformity and / or product data sheets. For ferrous materials, the certificate of radioactivity control is also requested, to protect OMG staff and all the people in contact with the said materials.

Identification and traceability

OMG guarantees the identification and traceability of what is produced and delivered to the customer. The supplier’s materials are identified with a serial number indicating the lot, reported in all documents considered relevant for traceability. Each production and repair process are identified by a number of orders.


Customer satisfaction

The understanding of the demands and needs of technical and commercial information, expressed by the client, is very important.

For this reason, the technical department collaborates closely with the commercial department, giving indications regarding the technical feasibility, particularly for non-standard products - different from the products in Catalogues.