CESE 5 M FILTER PUMP for a Nickel Wood bath

12 Aprile 2022

Quality and elegance signed made in Italy

Supplied OMG filter pump *CESE5 M with magnetic entrainment pump for our client Performa for a bath of

Ni Wood - Dimensions 900 lt


  • Effective Capacity (l/h) : 5.000
  • Capacity (l/h):                 6.800
  • Working pressure (bar) : ca. 2,5
  • Electric power (kW):  1,1 (=1,5 hp)

UNIT PUMP with a magnetic turbine entrainment available in PP and PVDF

** Some notes about the galvanic bath:

The Ni wood galvanic treatment has been used for a long time both in Italy and abroad.

Its main components, Hydrochloric Acid and Ni Chloride, determine its very high acidity (ph = 1-2).

Among the best known uses we mention the deposition on stainless steel surfaces and the use as an activator before chrome plating or able to allow the re-chrome plating of already chromed but non-compliant objects.

We remain at your complete disposal for customized offers.